KSM is a cable measuring unit to "off-line" measure cable slices, tubes and profiles.

It replaces manual profile projectors and measuring microscopes and gives far better repeat accuracy (0,2 %).

KSM measure also very fast (1-3 sec). KSM are using imaging technology were the measuring time only takes seconds.

30 years of experience and more then 230 units delivered. Most of them are reacurring customers.

KSM has a menu adapted for the Cable Industry. In this menu can cable type, article number, order number and other needed parameters be noted.

The most efficiency method is to work with KSM Remote allowing working directly under customer database or one from ACM.

The image system performs quickly a great number of 2- dimensional measuring. Max-/min and average as well as concentricity and ovality are presented.

The area of the insulation and over-dimension is measured which is very usable to minimise material costs.