ACM AB is representing the following companies and products in the Nordic countries

Measuring and test instrument for Cables both Power and LAN

Plastic spools, Shipping containers, Reels, Welding & Stitching wire spools, Special spools, Cylindrical barrelled delivery spools, Taper barrelled delivery spools

BOCK, Machinenfabrik. Pointers for the steel industry

Cimteq, Cable Design software application for all cable types

Spark testers and cable fault locators

Developer of the High Frequency Spark tester

ESTEVES - Group, Wire drawing dies made of polycrystalline (PCD) and natural diamond (ND) for ferrous and non-ferrous wires. Dies for Drawing, Bunching and stranding, Split and Shaped. Esteves also do Reworking, polish and reburbish of used dies.

Welding of steel tapes, wires and strands

German High quality steel reels and reel handling equipment for the cable and wire industry

Drawing, compacting and profile dies in Tungsten Carbide. Special tools in tungsten carbide.

Extrusion and Extruder lines for Tubes and Metallic Cables. Accumulators, Caterpillars, Take-up and pay-off stands.Rewind lines (Not in Finland)

Pureon (ex. Microdiamant) Diamond powders, liquids, suspensions and pasts

Wire drawing, bunching machines, cable spooler, galvanic wire coating Line

Plasmait is a supplier of heat and surface treatment solutions for wire, cable, tube and strip industry

Dosing units and Mixing stations

PWM, cold pressure welding equipment

Coiling machines for coils without twist.New fully automatic line available

RESY, cleaning of emulsion and drawing oil

RSD Technik, Mechanical marking wheels and machines for mechanical marking

Wear resistance drawing cones and turning pulleys, Coors ceramic cones and rings